This is my first experience writing about wordpress. As I am also a learner of wordpress, if there is any mistake I hope you will help me to correct my mistake. As a new leaner I am feeling different kinds of problem in course of time when I am building my site, as because I am a self learner. Today I am going to share my experience about setting file download privilege in a wordpress site. It is not a difficult task to set download button in wordpress using wordpress database. I was thinking to set a download button by which one can download any kind of file that is stored of uploaded in Google drive. Actually my site space is not well enough to store more file in my wordpress database that is why I have to find an alternate way and I think this is an effective way.


** You must have a google account by which you can store your file in google drive.

** You must install a Pluging in your WordPress site named WP-Filebase.

** You must set the download button in a page or a in post. So at first you have to make either a page or a post where you want to set the download button.

Step 1: Download the Pluging ( and install it to your wordpress site.

Step 2: If you want to change any settings you can (Optional)

Step 3: Go to WP-Filebase options. You will find it at underneath the settings options of wordpress.

Step 4: From the WP-Filebase options click the File and you will get file adding interface. You can add your file by direct uploading from your computer or by setting URL.

Step 5: In the Add file option you will find Upload file and File URL. Select the file URL.

Step 6: Copy the file URL which is shared from google drive and paste it to the file URL box in WP-Filebase.

Step 7: Fill up the other options bellow the add file area except post ID

Note: you must show the place where your download button will appear. In the earlier note of the post I mentioned that you must make a page or post to set the button.

Step 8: (Suppose your downloadable file is a plugin and you want to show it in a page named Pluging)

Click the select button and you will get a file browser option and locate your pluging page from here.

Step 9: Finally click the Add file button bottom of add file page.

Thank You