April 2017

Learn E-Marketing details

By | April 22nd, 2017|Management, Tutorial|

Applying the Balanced Scorecard to E-marketing  Metrics for the Customer Perspective: - The most important of these metrics measure customer loyalty and lifetime value. However, many other metrics can help a firm optimize customer value: for example, customer perceptions of product value, appropriateness of selected targets, and customer buying patterns. As an example, Exhibit-1 displays [...]

September 2014

Capital investment decisions

By | September 17th, 2014|Management|

Capital investment decisions are long-term corporate finance decisions relating to fixed assets and capital structure. Decisions are based on several inter-related criteria. Corporate management seeks to maximize the value of the firm by investing in projects which yield a positive net present value when valued using an appropriate discount rate. These projects must also be [...]

August 2014

Global Village:

By | August 31st, 2014|Management|

The word “Global” came from the word “Globe”. Globe means the earth or world. Global means worldwide. The word “Village” is considered to be a social structure or we can say a specific territory were people live. So, by getting the meaning we can say “Global Village” is a worldwide village. We modern people consider [...]


By | August 6th, 2014|Management|

          A licensing arrangement is an agreement in which the licensing firm grants rights to another firm in another country or market to produce and/or sell a product. The license pays compensation to the licensing firm in return for technical expertise. A contractual arrangement in which the legal owner grants another permission to use intellectual [...]