November 2016

How to Design A Watch with Illustrator

By | November 12th, 2016|Graphics Design, Illustrator|

At first setup the art board with basic RGB profile and orientation will be landscape Take rectangle tool click on the art board in the appeared dialogue box put value 0.25 for width and 0.4444 for height. Apply a gradient color to the rectangle Gradient type: linear Angle 90% Gradient Node or color stop will [...]

February 2015

Creating Symbol in Illustrator CS 5

By | February 17th, 2015|Graphics Design, Illustrator|

Symbols are some reusable elements in Illustrator and Flash. You can use a symbol in Illustrator several times. Symbol can be placed in art board by drag & drop process or with the symbol sprayer tool. In Illustrator there is a symbol spryer tool and with more seven sub tool and a symbol panel. If [...]